Warren Soft Tissue Injury Lawyer

Soft Tissue Injury Compensation

If you have been injured in a motorcycle accident caused by another person's negligence, contact a Warren motorcycle accident attorney for immediate assistance in filing a personal injury claim. A proficient attorney will compile and prepare the documentation that will be needed, and provide critical legal advice regarding the claims process.

Many motorcyclists receive soft tissue injuries when they have been in an accident. A soft tissue injury is usually a tear, strain or sprain that affects ligaments, muscles, tendons and nerves. Oftentimes a person doesn't realize they have soft tissue damage until many hours or days after the accident. It is also difficult to see these types of injuries on x-rays and similar type equipment.

Soft Tissue Injury Attorney in Warren

Michigan Biker Law is a well-known personal injury firm that represents motorcycle riders injured in accidents caused someone else's negligence. We have been in practice for over 30 years and have successfully helped many clients receive compensation for their injuries and losses. Attorneys at our firm are riders who know the devastation a bike injury can cause, and will take whatever legal steps are necessary to ensure a positive settlement .

Types of soft tissue injuries include:

  • Nerve damage along the spine, neck and arms
  • Damage to ligaments in the elbow
  • Musculoskeletal damage caused by stress on a part of the body
  • Rotor cuff injuries - injury involving the shoulder

We can provide valuable legal counsel and tenacious representation in your case, and will fight to protect your rights to benefits.

Contact a Warren soft tissue injury lawyer at our office if you have been injured in a motorcycle accident to discuss your case and how to proceed with your personal injury claim.