Drunk Drivers and Motorcycle Accident Cases

Drunk Driving Injury Claims in Sterling Heights

Motorcycle riding is one of the purest forms of travel available. The feel of the road, the rush of the wind and the roar of the bike combine to deliver a truly unique experience. Unfortunately that freedom is tempered by the reality that other drivers often aren't looking out for you and frequently put you in harm's way. That risk is greatly compounded when a driver is under the influence of alcohol and driving drunk. Drunk drivers put themselves and others at great risk, as their capacity to react to situations is greatly diminished and their reflexes are slowed. They often drive in an unpredictable fashion; running red lights, weaving in and out of lanes without warning and going too fast or too slow. All these factors combine to make drunk drivers extremely dangerous to motorcycle riders.

Sterling Heights Drunk Drivers Lawyer

If you have been injured by a drunk driver, contact a lawyer at Michigan Biker Law to discuss your case and learn about your legal options. Accidents caused by drunk drivers can cause injuries that last anywhere from a few weeks to the rest of your life, and can cost you substantial financial hardship. We're not a law firm that merely advertises being "motorcycle attorneys." We are motorcyclists ourselves and have been riding for over 30 years.

Understanding our fellow riders, we only deal with motorcycle cases and are experts in all facets of the law relating to motorcycle accidents and drunk drivers. We will fight relentlessly on your behalf and will work to secure the best settlement possible to help ease your suffering and get you the financial compensation you deserve. We can't take away the pain that a drunk driver caused you in an accident, but we can help you get justice for it.

Contact a Sterling Heights drunk driver attorney today to discuss your legal options following an accident.