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Injured on a Bike in Sterling Heights?

If you are the victim of a negligent driver and suffered injuries while riding your motorcycle, it is important that you get legal representation to assist you in the process of filing a claim. Our legal team is focused strictly on motorcycle accident cases, and our lead attorney is an avid rider himself, with uncommon compassion for those who face the repercussions of a dangerous motorcycle accident injury. We understand exactly what you are going through and do all we can to make the process as fast and efficient with regard to your claim as possible. It is vital that we are contacted early in the case so that we can ensure that the crucial evidence about your claim is preserved to document the case. For over 30 years we have been riding through the Black Hills, enjoyed or endured Daytona Bike Week, and participated in countless bike related events throughout our years in practice.

Fighting for the Rights of Riders in Sterling Heights

Not only are we the "real deal" as a rider and enthusiast, we have recovered literally millions of dollars in settlements for our injured clients throughout our years in practice. We don't present ourselves as a "motorcycle accident lawyer" with little or no experience - far from it. Our practice is dedicated 100% to assisting injured riders in getting settlements, verdicts and judgments in injury cases. We know the science of motorcycle accidents, and have powerful resources to call upon when necessary to support our case for our clients. We address all types of motorcycle accident cases. We have extensive experience in successfully resolving claims involving all types of motorcycle accidents, such as sport bike accidents, cruiser accidents, and others. We provide information about motorcycle safety to help you avoid these dangerous incidents and protect yourself.

We have assisted clients or their families in legal issues in all types of injuries, including the most serious types such as traumatic brain injury, and spinal cord injury in which the injured rider will require long term treatment and care, and deserves the absolute best quality of medical treatment and ongoing care and rehabilitation. In other cases such as those involving road rash or broken bones or other injuries, we are just as committed in seeking compensation that is fair for our clients. Those who have suffered an injury in cases involving drunk drivers should be seeking justice with our help. These drivers must be held accountable, and we may seek punitive damages in cases of criminal negligence.

If you were injured in an accident, it is likely you need information about insurance claims and we can help. For families who have lost a loved one in one of these terrible accident cases, we can assist in filing a wrongful death claim and will fight for justice for you and your family. We urge you to contact our professional legal team, the motorcycle accident injury attorneys from Michigan Biker Law, and we can advise you what to expect and how to move forward with your claim. We are absolutely on your side - we are one of you! You can expect our full commitment to your case on a personal basis.

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