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Michigan Bikers Association Blog

Why Hire an Attorney from Michigan Bikers Association?

Why is it important that you hire a lawyer from the Michigan Bikers Association if you are the victim in a motorcycle accident ? The entire legal team at the firm is made up of lawyers who ride. We ...
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What If the At-Fault Party Doesn't Have Any Insurance?

There are a high percentage of drivers on Michigan streets and highways that are violating state law by not carrying insurance. Unfortunately, drivers who violate the law in this manner are also far ...
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Three Steps You Should Take After a Motorcycle Accident

After a motorcycle accident, there are three urgent steps to take to protect your right to compensation. In cases in which another driver was at fault, which is the most common scenario, it can be ...
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Am I Required to Wear a Motorcycle Helmet in Michigan?

In 2012, the state of Michigan ended the mandatory use of motorcycle helmets, allowing motorcyclists to ride without a helmet under specific circumstances. The requirements for riding without a helmet ...
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Indian Motorcycle Company Offers Discount to Military Personnel

Thumbs up to Indian Motorcycle Company for their new program, "Honoring Heroes." This program extends $1,000 cash back to all U.S. Armed Forces personnel toward a new Indian Chief ...
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Return of the Valkyrie

Over the years, I have had many clients who rode Valkyries. Those who had them, or have them, love them. A very devoted following. Honda left a lot of riders very sad when they stopped making those ...
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Huge Christmas for Our Clients

We have been very busy this year working on our clients claims after they have suffered injuries from negligent automobile drivers. Here are examples of settlements JUST THIS CHRISTMAS SEASON, for ...
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Michigan Bikers Association Opening West Michigan Office

We are proud to announce that we are opening a new office in Grand Rapids. For many years we have represented injured bikers from the West Michigan area, with Grand Rapids being the single largest ...
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Harley Davidson Goes Small

We've all been reading about Harley Davidson's Project Rushmore that produced major changes in suspension, handling and electronics for the 2014 Harley Davidson's. What they didn't ...
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Michigan Bikers Association Sponsors Operation Care Package

Last month we were asked to sponsor a charity ride on behalf of Operation Care Package of Michigan. This was a ride from Detroit Motorcycle Parts Sales and Service in Centerline (in the location of ...
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Michigan Bikers Association Gives Away Free Custom Motorcycle

On July 28, during Detroit Bike Week at Canterbury Village, I gave away the custom built Poor Boy Choppers motorcycle to one lucky guy. You had to be present to win....and he was!! When I announced ...
Continue reading "Michigan Bikers Association Gives Away Free Custom Motorcycle" »

Are You In Good Hands?

I am asked regularly by bikers the question of "who is a good insurance company to cover me on my motorcycle?" That's always a tough question. Some are cheaper than others, and that ...
Continue reading "Are You In Good Hands?" »

Bike Tripping

It's time many of us start thinking about our first bike trip of the year. I always find packing to be a big chore. What to bring? How much to bring? Where does everything go? So, I've made a ...
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Big Insurance v. The Citizens of Michigan

Governor Synder's Auto No-Fault "Reform" package (House Bill 4612) was introduced this week in the Michigan House of Representatives. This is the bill which would cap benefits to ...
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PAY IT FORWARD: Giving away a Free Motorcycle

This office has been representing motorcycle riders throughout Michigan for over 25 years. That is ALL we do. No truck accidents, slip and falls, medical malpractice, social security, etc. ONLY ...
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Sharing the Road with a Drunk Driver: Deadly Risks

The attorneys at Michigan Bikers Association are not simply experienced attorneys who are willing to fight for your rights and the rights of those involved in any type of personal injury accident. We ...
Continue reading "Sharing the Road with a Drunk Driver: Deadly Risks" »

Be a Defensive Rider

The state of Michigan requires motorcyclists to receive a motorcycle endorsement before they are legally able to ride a motorcycle within the state. In order to obtain a motorcycle endorsement an ...
Continue reading "Be a Defensive Rider" »

Be Careful Who You Ride With

A Gladstone Michigan man was bound over for trial on felony charges involving a motorcycle accident that seriously injured his sister. Steven Parrett was operating a motorcycle that went out of ...
Continue reading "Be Careful Who You Ride With" »

Helmets Optional for Michigan Motorcyclists

Come April 2013, it will be a year since Governor Rick Snyder signed a bill into law making helmets optional for Michigan motorcyclists. Although many motorcyclists continue to wear helmets in order ...
Continue reading "Helmets Optional for Michigan Motorcyclists" »

Smart Watch?

As if we motorcyle riders don't have enough to worry about with distracted drivers looking at their cell phones for messages and texting, now it seems the "geniuses" from Silicon Valley ...
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I've seen and written about Ducat's "cruiser bike", the Diavel. It's a knockout to see with knockout horsepower. Something you'd expect from Ducati. Now they've turned ...
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I often tell my clients after their cases are concluded, and I've given them a very large check, that they should do something with a portion of it that will give them a memory that will last a ...
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No surprise to any of us who regularly ride motorcycles, not only has texting while driving gone up in use, but people surfing the web while driving has increased alarmingly. The ...

Ebay Story

For those of you, like me, who have been riding for 30 years or more, this video is for you.
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Motorcycles and Deer Crashes

Did you know that there is an organization in Michigan called "Michigan Deer Crash Coaliton?" Well, there is. With good reason. There were approximately 8,000 motor vehicle and motorcycle ...
Continue reading "Motorcycles and Deer Crashes" »
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