Senate Bill 527 Proposed to Reinstate Helmet Law

On September 29 Senate Bill 527 was introduced by Senator Rebekah Warren (D-Ann Arbor) to require that all motorcyclists and passengers wear crash helmets while riding. As most of you know, it is now "your choice" whether to wear a helmet or not. This bill would take that choice away. I am sure that the "good intentions" of this Senator was to save lives.

However, according to the Michigan Traffic Crash Report System, in 2014 (without a helmet law) there were 107 motorcyclist deaths, compared to 129 in 2012 when the law initially passed. Lt. David Cook of the MIchigan State Police believes that people that are riding without helmets are slowing down a bit and being more cautious. Others say the drop is from an increase in motorcycle safety awareness. Whatever the reason, it appears that this Michigan Senator may have her facts wrong if she feels that reinstating the helmet law is making it safer to ride.

If you disagree with this proposal, it would be in your best interest to contact your state Senator and let them know.