I realize that we have all been cooped up in the arctic cold for many months. Our bikes are now coming out of the garage and we are finally back on the road. However this time of year is especially dangerous.

Too many bikers get out there and immediately start riding with a "wahoo" mentality. "Let's get on this baby and see what she'll do!"

I just read about two motorcycle fatalities in southwest Michigan, within an hour of each other, that simply did not have to happen.

One involved a biker traveling in and out of traffic at a high rate of speed when he passed traffic on the shoulder and struck a parked trailer.

The other involved a motorcyclist entering the highway near the end of an entrance ramp when he lost control of his motorcycle and fell into the path of a semi truck.

We have seven months of riding before we become homebound once again. How about if we all enjoy it safely? SLOW DOWN! You have the rest of your life to enjoy motorcycling. Make it a long one!

Contact my firm if you have suffered injuries from another party's negligence while riding!

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