Am I Required to Wear a Motorcycle Helmet in Michigan?

In 2012, the state of Michigan ended the mandatory use of motorcycle helmets, allowing motorcyclists to ride without a helmet under specific circumstances. The requirements for riding without a helmet include that you are over 21, have $20,000 in additional health insurance, as well as at least two years of experience in riding a motorcycle, or if not, that you pass a motorcycle safety test. Many riders have chosen to ride helmet-free. Current statistics show that 79% of female motorcyclists wear helmets, and about 70% of male riders.

There is some concern by lawmakers that there is an increase in serious or fatal injuries since the law was changed. Injury claims are reported to be of higher value due to more severe injuries to riders who are operating a motorcycle helmet-free.

The problem for motorcyclists is most often drivers of other vehicles. Unfortunately, there are many car, truck, van and SUV drivers, as well as drivers of commercial vehicles, who simply fail to observe a motorcyclist sharing the road or highway. Statistics indicate that the median speed of a motorcyclist in an accident is only 29 mph. This fact makes it clear that the speed or dangerous driving of a motorcyclist is not the most serious problem. Any motorcyclist that chooses to ride without a helmet will face the same risks as he or she did prior to the change in law: other drivers.

At Michigan Bikers Association, our legal team is made up of attorneys who ride. We focus exclusively on motorcycle accident cases, whether the case involves injuries to a driver wearing a helmet or not. The injuries sustained in motorcycle accidents are frequently very serious, with or without a helmet. The injuries could be life-changing or fatal, and in the best cases, will still require many months of treatment and rehabilitation. You can count on our team to zealously advocate for you. As riders ourselves, we have a great deal of insight and knowledge about how things can suddenly go wrong, and how insurance companies try to reduce the value of a claim.

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