BMW Issues "Do Not Ride" Notification for R 1200 RT Motorcycles

BMW Motorrad USA is issuing owners of the R 12000 RT 2013 motorcycles a "do not ride" warning until further notice. The R 1200 RT has a defective part which has caused the company to issue the warning as a precaution. According to DealerNews, the R 1200 RT has a Dynamic ESA option that may contain a defect in the rear spring strut. The company says that the piston rod of the rear spring strut may fail when the motorcycle is being operated.

BMW says that they have not received any reports of injuries related to this issue. They have stated that the notice is only a precautionary measure. BMA Motorrad says that they want to take interest in customer safety based on a supplier report and they hope to replace the part in all of the bikes. According to reports, 804 vehicles in the United States are affected by this "do not ride" notice. Customers who want more information about this notice are told to talk with their local BMW dealership.

If you are injured on a motorcycle due to a defective part, such as the piston rod in the rear spring strut, you may be able to file a lawsuit against the motorcycle manufacturer. Similar to defective car lawsuits, motorcyclists can sue if they were not warned about a defective part on their bike which caused an unexpected and avoidable accident.

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