The Worst Neighbor: State Farm Refuses to Pay

A recent story (July 6, 2014) in the Oakland Press discusses a Centerline, MI man George Veness, 63, who is paralyzed and was riding his motorized electric scooter across a street near his home when a Jeep Grand Cherokee turned onto the road and struck him. The Jeep driver was found at fault.

State Farm has refused to pay medical bills, stating that the scooter should have been insured like a car. They say that the scooter is a motor vehicle under Michigan's No-Fault Act. "It was operated on a public highway (crossing the street) by a power other than muscular and it has four wheels." He should, according to State Farm, have had PIP insurance."

Good luck calling an insurance agent and getting PIP insurance for a motorized wheelchair or scooter. By the way, the police report had Mr. Veness listed as a pedestrian. Which, in my opinion, and that of the police officer, he was. According to Mr. Veness' lawyer, "Mr. Veness was a pedestrian....and Michigan law does not and has never recognized that an electrically operated wheelchair is a motor vehicle."

If you think what you've read so far shows the utter disregard of State Farm (like a good neighbor?) for this injured man, what you're about to read will make you sick. Mr. Veness, according to his Doctor, needs immediate surgery (cost will be $150,000) to heal a large open wound in his lower back. In a "letter of urgent necessary surgery" to State Farm, the wound care doctor says: "Continued waiting for this surgery is potentially life threatening."

State Farm won't pay. According to this man's doctor his life is at risk. They do not seem to care. So, the next time you see one of State Farm's B. S. Commercials on television where some actor calls their name and they show up to help, (like a good neighbor!) remember George Veness and how they walked away, knowing that he might die!

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