Erik Buell Returns to Harley Davidson

A lot of riders loved riding Buell motorcycles while they were still around. Unfortunately, there were not enough of them to continue production of the bikes, as far as Harley Davidson was concerned. They pulled the plug and shut it down in 2009. Now, Erik Buell is back and so are his motorcycles. His new sportbike is the EBR 1190RX. It's a street legal version of the race bike that many remember from Buell.

It weighs 419 lbs. and turns out 185 hp. It also has traction control, which is probably a good idea with that kind of power to weight ratio. The fuel is carried in the frame, as many of the Buell motorcycles did in the past. Cost is $18,995, which is by no means cheap for a motorcycle, but it is American made in Wisconsin.

The EBR 1190RX is currently being sold at the BMW dealer in Canton and Fast Lane Power Sports in Mason. So, if you're looking to get back on a bike built by Erik Buell, here is your chance. I'm sure it's a heck of a bike. Too fast and sporty for me, though. I like cruising on my Road King. However, if my client out there who's case we settled for 2 million dollars last month wants to give his lawyer a "token of his appreciation", I'm really in love with the 2015 Ducati Diavel Carbon.