Harley Davidson Goes Small

We've all been reading about Harley Davidson's Project Rushmore that produced major changes in suspension, handling and electronics for the 2014 Harley Davidson's. What they didn't tell us was that maybe the biggest changes afoot would be all new smaller displacement motorcycles that have radiators. These bikes are called the Street 500 and the Street 750. That's right, a 494cc liquid cooled Harley Davidson. They look a little like the V-Rod. New frames, new motors, mid mounted controls. They're being billed as "urban bikes." Ride 'em around town. Starting price will be $6,700.

I think it's a brilliant idea. It'll get more customers buying the brand and will in turn increase profits. That means Harley can put more money into ideas like Project Rushmore that improve their touring models. It's kind of like when Porsche, a number of years back decided to produce an SUV, the Cayenne. The Porsche purists were horrified. It turned out to be their biggest money maker and literally saved the company. Now that they have all the extra profits, they can plug more money into their 911 sports cars and make them better every year.

I say, congratulations Harley Davidson on a brilliant idea.

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