Bike Tripping

It's time many of us start thinking about our first bike trip of the year. I always find packing to be a big chore. What to bring? How much to bring? Where does everything go? So, I've made a study of it and am here to give you "bike trippers" what I feel to be good advice from my 30 years of motorcycle trips.

Obviously a touring bike is preferable to a sporty bike. I've taken trips on my 1987 Harley Low Rider and I've taken trips on an Ultra Classic and now my Road King. I'm not sure what the ultimate motorcycle is for road trips because now there are so many great motorcycles made by so many great manufactures out there for you to consider. I do believe that I know how to pack, whatever motorcycle you're on.

The most important thing to consider, is to keep the heaviest weight as low as possible. Bottom of your saddle bags. Also put the heaviest stuff in your saddlebags as forward as possible. It's all about how the bike handles. Remember you're going to be out there for days. I learned long ago (with my old Ultra Classic) that the worst place to put the heavier items is in that handy top box. It completely disrupts the handling of the motorcycle. Put your lighter stuff that you want to get to easiest in the top box, if you have one.

Of course the most important thing to remember is that it is a VACATION, not a RACE. Slow and easy. Enjoy the scenery. That's why you're on your motorcycle and not in your car. Ride Safe.