Big Insurance v. The Citizens of Michigan

Governor Synder's Auto No-Fault "Reform" package (House Bill 4612) was introduced this week in the Michigan House of Representatives. This is the bill which would cap benefits to Michigan driver's to $1,000,000. Presently, Michigan residents are fortunate enough to have unlimited medical care and rehabilitation if involved in an accident. The bill eliminates 24 hour attendant care for injured individuals in their home. It limits family care to 56 hours per week. Agency care is limited to 16 hours per day. Household modifications are limited to $50,000.00 for life. Rehabilitation benefits are limited to 52 weeks. Products, services and accommodations are only allowed if likely to lead to lasting improvement and is not allowed for the convenience of the patient. The insurance company decides what is medically appropriate.

That $1,000,000 cap does NOT apply to motorcyclists. Their cap is limited to $250,000.00! In other words, should you be in a serious motorcycle accident, the insurance company for the driver who caused this accident would, according to this new legislation, if passed, be liable for up to $250,000.00 in medical and rehabilitation bills. I have had clients run up that amount before they ever leave the hospital. The insurance that is available to you as a motorcycle rider today is unlimited. Any and all hospital and medical bills are paid. Any attendant care in your home is paid. Any products, services or accommodations necessary to your home are paid. Any household modifications are paid. There is no limited dollar amount.

Think about a person who has a significant head injury in a motorcycle accident. They will most likely need lifetime care and rehabilitation. Under this proposed bill, they would be limited to $250,000.00. What happens when that $250,000.00 is used up? Do they put the motorcycle rider in a warehouse? Most likely they would put the injured person in a Medicaid, state run facility. We all know what those facilities are like. Patients would be lying around in their beds with very little care and essentially no rehabilitation.... and the tax payers will be paying for it.

This bill is designed to save the drivers of Michigan money on their auto insurance. Here is your savings: A onetime rate reduction of $125.00 to Michigan drivers. That is it!! You save $125.00 off of your insurance for one year and your lifetime medical benefits and the benefits that would apply to you or your family is GONE!

So, who benefits from this? The logical answer is the big insurance companies. As if they need to save the money. You are left with nothing and they get to ride the gravy train.

Folks, this bill is presently introduced in the legislature as of this moment. You need to contact your representative and tell them that you do NOT SUPPORT Governor Syder's Auto No-Fault "Reform" package. The bill is HB 4612.

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