Be a Defensive Rider

The state of Michigan requires motorcyclists to receive a motorcycle endorsement before they are legally able to ride a motorcycle within the state. In order to obtain a motorcycle endorsement an individual must visit a Secretary of State office and take a vision and written knowledge test. Once that has been done, they are required to pass a skills test from either a rider skills testing organization or successfully pass a certified motorcycle safety course. With certificate in hand, the individual then simply returns to the Secretary of State office in order to obtain their CY endorsement. In cases where a rider is between the ages of 16 and 17, or a rider over the age of 18 has failed the rider skills test two times or more, or a rider wishes to refresh their skills, the state offers a variety of Motorcycle Safety Training Courses.

While other bikers are not required to take additional courses in order to hone their skills, learning to be a defensive rider has its benefits. Defensive driving/riding is often referred to as driving in a manner so as to save lives, time and money, despite the conditions of the road around you or the actions of others. This holds true for drivers of motor vehicles and motorcyclists alike. As a defensive rider, you are no longer putting yourself at the mercy of those around you, but you are learning to anticipate dangerous situations, or potentially deadly mistakes made by others, in order to avoid them and thus avoid being involved in a serious accident.

Of course driving in such a manner will not prevent all accidents from taking place. In the event a motorcycle accident does occur, we advise you immediately contact the Michigan Bikers Association and speak with one of our skilled motorcycle accident lawyers. All of our attorneys have extensive experience representing clients, throughout Michigan, who have been involved in all different types of motorcycle accidents. In addition, we are avid riders ourselves and so have a personal interest in seeing that other riders get the high-quality legal representation they deserve. We know what to look for in such accidents, we know what it takes to determine liability and we know how to present your case in order to achieve the most optimum outcome.

If you have been seriously injured in a motorcycle accident, we are here to help. Contact a Michigan motorcycle accident attorney at our firm today.