Michigan Bikers Association Gives Away Free Custom Motorcycle

On July 28, during Detroit Bike Week at Canterbury Village, I gave away the custom built Poor Boy Choppers motorcycle to one lucky guy. You had to be present to win....and he was!! When I announced his name, he came up on the stage and was just in shock. He kept saying "I can't believe it, I can't believe it." He told me he was working on that Sunday and left an hour and a half early, so that he could be there and MAYBE win the bike. He was so excited that his hands were shaking. He told me that he rode an old Honda because he couldn't afford a Harley Davidson with two small children to raise. As thrilled as he was, I was just as thrilled. The perfect guy to win the bike. Not some guy who would add it to the two or three he already had. A guy who never thought he could own a bike like that in his life.....and now he does!

I wrote in the beginning of this Spring that I wanted to give something back to the biker community, who has had the confidence in me and my office to represent them if they or friends of theirs were injured in motorcycle accidents. My office has been representing motorcycle accident victims ONLY for 30 years. We are the ONLY law firm in Michigan who can say that.

To see the winner, go to our Michigan Bikers Association Facebook page.

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