PAY IT FORWARD: Giving away a Free Motorcycle

This office has been representing motorcycle riders throughout Michigan for over 25 years. That is ALL we do. No truck accidents, slip and falls, medical malpractice, social security, etc. ONLY motorcycle accidents. I have never seen any other law office that can say this. Exclusive to motorcycle accidents. We have helped a lot of bikers collect millions of dollars for injuries caused by autos who pay no attention to what the heck they are doing out there. NOW we are paying it forward.

This Summer at Detroit Bike Week we will be presenting a completely custom Soft tail motorcycle, being built by Poor Boy Choppers. When I tell you custom, I'm not kidding. Custom frame, custom tank, custom seat, custom bars. custom wheels, custom forks, etc. So how do you win this?..............Just by being present on July 28 at Detroit Bike Week in Canterbury Village (new location) and waiting for the drawing. That's it ! No summer long raffle selling tickets all over the state. Just pay your admission on July 28 and hang around for the drawing. If you're not there, you can't win. You will never in your life find better odds to winning a motorcycle.

We will be posting on the website photos of the build process at Poor Boy Choppers. It should be fun to watch the bike (which could be yours) being built.