For the Survivalist

I realize this blog has nothing to do about motorcycling, but I found this information so interesting that I had to post it. Without question there are motorcyclists out there who are "survivalists". For those of you who are, a new product is now available that you will find interesting. It could also be purchased if you are a regular camper, and want easy to prepare food to take along.

Chef's Banquet ARK 1 Month Food Storage Supply (330 Servings).

This kit comes in a plastic sealed tub with every meal you should have. Three to four servings, such as an entree, drink and a side of fruit or vegetables. There is oatmeal, potato soup, chicken-flavored vegetable stew, mixed vegetables, instant potatoes, macaroni and cheese, beef-flavored vegetable stew and cheddar broccoli rice.

You have enough for 12 servings at 2,100 calories per day, for 30 days. It can be stored for up to 20 years. If you need it for longer than that, "you're on your own." Amazon sells it for about $100 and Costco has it for about $15.00 less. That's about $3.00 per day. I'm not vouching for the flavor, but I have read a number of reviews and they seem pretty positive.

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