Driver Who Ran Down 10 Michigan Motorcyclists in Wisconsin is Competent

Clinton Lovelace, the driver who is accused of killing two motorcyclists and injuring eight others when he drove into a group of motorcyclists near Fond du Lac Wisconsin on May 32, is claiming amnesia and his attorney is questioning whether he can receive a fair trial because he remembers nothing of the events. (might have had something to do with all the drugs he had). However, the court has ruled that he is competent for future court proceedings.

More than 30 bikers appeared in court in a show of support for the 12 Michigan motorcyclists who were struck when Lovelace crossed the center line and struck them. Daniel Winsemius and Douglas Yonkers died. Eight others were injured. Eric Vandam, who lost a leg, was released from the hospital on Wednesday.

Tim Tomann, a representative of ABATE of Wisconsin, traveled to the hearing along with many other members of ABATE to be present at the proceedings. Tomann said that since it's so difficult for those family members from Michigan to make the trip, he and the others will be there on their behalf. Tomann was warned by the judge for taking photos. The judge said that only members of the media were allowed to take photos. However, since Tomann contributes to the ABATE newspaper, he may yet qualify as a member of the media and be allowed to photograph proceedings.