Crash Kills Motorcyclist on 10 Mile Road in Eastpointe

On Tuesday, May 15, a 27 year old Eastpointe man was driving a pickup truck westbound on 10 Mile Road around 2:40 a.m., when he collided with a motorcyclist riding eastbound on his Harley Davidson. The man on the bike died from his injuries. Police say he was not wearing a helmet, but do not believe a helmet would have saved his life. The driver of the pickup had been drinking alcohol.

Is there a more dangerous time of day to ride a motorcycle than those very late or early morning hours? I don't think so. I have always made it a practice to stay off the roads at these times. There are too many people driving their cars under the influence. The car drivers are dangerous enough without tempting fate at these very late hours.

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Categories: Wrongful Death