Willie G. Davidson Announces His Retirement

Willie G. Davidson, who has been the chief designer for Harley Davidson for the past 3 decades has announced his retirement. He is responsible for the designs of the Super Glide, Low Rider, Heritage Softail Classic, Fat Boy, V-Rod and the Street Glide. He was also the chief designer for the new Dark Custom lineup.

This is making me feel old. I had the pleasure of riding with Willie G. at the 90th Harley Davidson Reunion in Milwaukee. Obviously, a while ago. My brother in law lived in Milwaukee at the time, and after many lengthy discussions, bought a Harley Road King. Once he got it, you couldn't get him off the thing. He was into everything Harley. One day he decided to start a riding group in the area where he lived. It got to be a pretty big deal. As you can imagine, there are a great many Harley riders in Milwaukee.

When the 90th reunion came around, I rode to Milwaukee for the festivities. Of all the reunions, I believe the 90th was the best. The entire city turned out and lined the expressways waving. Quite a site. But, not as thrilling a site as when I went to breakfest one morning with his riding group at some guys house, and there is Willie G. walking around talking to everyone. Just one the guys. He had a silver grease pen and signed anything you put in front of him. The highlight though was the ride. Off we went, about 20 guys with Willie G. Davidson in the lead. I think I smiled the entire ride.

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