10 Michigan Motorcyclists Struck by Car in Wisconsin

Last week a man from Wisconsin crossed the center line on Highway 151, ( northeast of Milwaukee), into the path of 12 motorcycle riders from Muskegon, all members of the "Muskegon Motorcyle Gang." 10 of the bikers were struck. Daniel Lee Winsemius, 59, was killed in the crash with 9 others suffering various injuries, Three are in intensive care. One of the riders had to have his heart shocked after it stopped on at least two occasions on his way to the hospital.

The driver of the car, Clinton Lovelace, 25, was arrested and is expected to be charged with homicide by negligent operation of a motor vehicle. He will also be charged with felony bail jumping. The Fond du Lac Conty District Attorney has said that Lovelace was found with two unopened syringes in his pants pocket at the scene of the crash.

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