Many of you, if you are bikers, know what those letters stand for. For those who do, you often see these letters on a patch sewn on to a leather vest or jacket. For those who don't know, it stands for "Does it look like I give a F*ck." You may be wondering why I'm writing about this on my blog. The reason is that I've been speaking to people more and more about the causes of motorcycle crashes.

After 30 years of representing motorcycle riders involved in crashes with automobiles, I thought I knew pretty much what the major causes were. They are, "left turning cars at traffic lights", "cars pulling out of side streets or shopping centers", "cars rear ending motorcycles".

Unfortunately, I'm now seeing something that I've never seen before in all my years of riding and representing bikers. It's the auto driver, who actually sees the motorcycle but does'nt care that he/she is about to badly injure someone. It's one thing to turn in front of, or pull out in front of the biker, if you don't see them. It's another thing, much more serious, if you see the biker and just figure "I'll turn and he'll stop or I'm pulling out, and he better stop because he's on that light weight bike and I'm in this big car." These people simply don't care.

They're not looking at the biker as someone's husband, wife, daughter, brother, son, etc. They're just looking at the "thing" that's in their way! So, I've been thinking that this patch that says DILLIGAF, doesn't so much belong on a biker's vest, but on the bumpers of cars.

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