Being Seen

I have unfortunately heard from many bikers involved in accidents that "that guy was looking right at me and turned!" Or "that lady pulled out of that driveway when she was looking right at me!"

Is there a way to prevent this? The simple answer is no, but you can improve your chances by adding additional lighting to the front of your bike.

Many years ago the railroad industry determined that the most conspicuous lighting arrangement was to have a triangle of forward facing lights, with the largest and brightest at the top and 2 smaller mounted horizontally below it. So, if you mount running lights below your headlight, you have created that "magic triangle." When seen from the front you look like "something unusual". You look "different" so it gets the car driver's attention.

I did this to my 1987 Harley Lowrider a number of years ago. Then I had a buddy way out in front of me look down the road at me coming toward him with the 2 lower lights off and then with the 2 lower lights on. He told me that it was remarkable how much easier it was to see me coming with the 2 lower lights on. Then I had him ride my bike, so I could see for myself. That sold me!! I couldn't believe the difference in how visible my bike was coming toward me with the triangle light pattern.

There are many companies that offer these bolt-on lights. The most important thing you can do out there is increase your visibility to those drivers coming toward you. 

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