Lansing Cruiser Accident Lawyer

Energetic Representation of for Cruiser or Chopper Accident Injuries

The cruiser motorcycle is designed for long rides and comfort. The chopper is a form of cruiser bike made famous by the "Easy Rider" movie with a longer frame and stretch front end. Cruisers and choppers are often custom projects by the owners who have spent hours of time and thousands of dollars to make them the perfect bike. When an accident occurs though, the cruiser is often severely damaged and the biker is in the hospital with serious injuries. Usually the accident is due to the inattention and negligence of driver of a regular vehicle or truck who just did not observe that they were sharing the road or highway. If you or a family member has been injured in cruiser or chopper accident, we urge you to contact a Lansing motorcycle accident attorney.

Cruiser Accident Attorney in Lansing

At Michigan Biker Law we are bikers ourselves. We have ridden our cruisers from the Black Hills of South Dakota to the mountains of Wyoming, Colorado, Utah and Idaho. We have also ventured south to Daytona Bike Week to ride in the cold rain and enjoy the company of other riders.

We are not just an attorney who puts up a motorcycle website and calls himself a motorcycle attorney. We are the real thing -- limiting our practice solely to motorcycle accidents. In this way we have been able to develop an expertise in representing bikers not possible to the attorney who represents everything that walks in the door. Over 30 years we have won millions of dollars for our biker clients.

Damages for Bikers

On a showing of negligence, we seek compensation for damage to the bike, medical expenses, loss of income, lost earning capacity, nursing care, hospitalization, rehabilitation and pain and suffering. We make every effort to negotiate a fair settlement with the insurance company but where the company refuses to act in good faith we take the case to court to achieve what is just.

Contact a Lansing cruiser accident lawyer at the firm for zealous representation of your cruiser or chopper accident claim.