Road Rash After Lansing Accidents

Road rash concerns the scraping of skin in a motorcycle accident. It may be minor where a bandage and medical ointment may suffice. On the other hand, road rash can be serious when scraping penetrates below the outer skin. Permanent damage to lower layers of skin may result in addition to fractures and burns. If you have suffered road rash, you are urged to contact a motorcycle accident attorney in Lansing to seek compensation for injuries.

Lansing Motorcycle Accident Attorney

At Michigan Biker Law, we provide aggressive advocacy to victims of motorcycle accidents in the Lansing area. As bikers ourselves we are aware of the dangers that bikers face on the road including the risk of road rash. We devote our practice exclusively to defense of bikers negligently or recklessly injured by others.

When a client comes to us, we make sure the client receives immediate medical care by his or her own physician. If the client does not have a physician, we make an appointment for the client with an excellent physician and if needed send a nurse with the client to assure all goes well. We energetically investigate the accident to prove negligence. This may entail inspecting the scene of the accident, interviewing of witnesses and calling in accident-reconstruction specialists as needed.

Seeking Full Compensation

We contact the client's physician to obtain an estimate of care required. With proof of liability in hand and a complete assessment of the client's damages, we contact the insurance company to energetically negotiate settlement. Where the insurance company refuses to be reasonable, we take the case to court to seek maximum compensation. We take all cases on a contingency fee basis. We are available 24/7 for a free consultation to discuss your case.

Contact a motorcycle accident lawyer in Lansing at the firm for aggressive representation of motorcycle accident road rash injuries.