Motorcycle Accident Lawyer in Lansing

When a biker is involved in an accident suffering fractures, recovery may be lengthy and painful depending on the bone broken and the severity of the break. It is important to obtain legal representation to know how much your claim is worth and to assure that the insurance company gives your claim the respect it deserves. You are urged to contact a Lansing motorcycle accident lawyer.

Kinds of Fractures

Many fractures can occur in a motorcycle accident. Fractures to legs, pelvis and skull are quite painful and require extensive care to treat. As a wrist is important for day-to-day activities, it is vital that a broken wrist be properly set to preserve range of motion. Compound fractures where the bone breaks through the skin are serious and require skilled care. A comminuted fracture where the bone disintegrates into little pieces may require the insertion of plates.

Lansing Motorcycle Accident Attorney

The legal team at Michigan Biker Law provides aggressive representation to bikers negligently harmed in motorcycle accidents. As bikers ourselves, we know what the biker is going through and are dedicated to seeing the biker gets the compensation that he or she is due. For over more than 30 years we have devoted our law practice exclusively to the representation of bikers. With this dedication, we have acquired expertise in representing biker claims and have won millions of dollars for our clients. The national law directory Martindale-Hubbell gives us an "AV" rating which means preeminent in legal service to clients, according to fellow lawyers.


In seeking compensation for fractures, we contact the client's physician to learn the care the client will require to fully recover if there will be any permanent injury. With this information, coupled with proof of the other party's negligence, we contact the insurance company to negotiate settlement. While we are usually successful in obtaining a fair settlement, sometimes the company will not do what is right. We are then quite ready to take the case to court to achieve justice. You can rest assured that we will be committed to seeking the highest possible compensation for you after suffering a fracture.

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