Injured in a Lansing Accident?

Lansing Motorcycle Accident Attorney

Anyone who has been in a motorcycle accident knows that it only takes a fraction of a second for "the normal" to turn into "the disastrous". A failure to notice slick pavement ahead, a door opens right in front of you, or you thought that driver saw you and they turn right into your bike. These events and many others have been the cause of severe injuries to riders. So what do you do? If you or your loved one has been injured the first thing you do is seek medical attention, even if you feel fine, and report the accident. The next thing you do is talk to a respected Lansing motorcycle accident attorney about what happened.

Motorcycle Accident Lawyer in Lansing

Not all injuries are obvious immediately. Some injuries, such as soft tissue damage, can take many hours or days to manifest themselves. This is why you report the accident and see a doctor, even if you believe you were at fault. Soft tissue injuries can seriously disrupt your normal routine and may take a long time to heal. More obvious injuries such as fractures, cuts and lacerations, loss of limb or spinal cord injuries are more easily diagnosed and will also take a long time to heal to whatever possible degree. The pain of these injuries can put your life on hold, including working, for quite a period of time. In some cases the severity of the injuries can be life changing. Regardless of the circumstances of your accident, it is the job of a resourceful motorcycle accident lawyer with our firm to figure out how to obtain the compensation you will need to cover your losses.

Since we only handle motorcycle accidents and only represent motorcycle riders and passengers, we are especially aware of what an injury means to our client. Our legal team works to provide the support an injured rider and his or her family will need throughout the duration of the case and in the future. Discuss your accident with a trusted motorcycle accident lawyer at Michigan Biker Law to find out what can be done.

Contact a Lansing motorcycle accident attorney with our firm who is determined to protect your rights to the compensation you need.