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Claims for Damages in Motorcycle Accident Cases

Every rider and their families should know that regardless of the circumstances which led to your accident there is compensation available for your medical and person needs. This is vital information for any motorcyclist who has been injured by a motor vehicle. To find out more about how this applies to your specific case, it is crucial that you consult a Lansing motorcycle accident attorney who actually cares about your future.

Accident Claim Lawyer in Lansing

The most immediate concern after an accident is that you receive the medical treatment which you need. Shortly afterwards, other concerns may appear, such as; "how to pay for the medical expenses?" and "how will your family get along?" Michigan law regarding motorcycle accidents is structured in an advantageous way for a motorcyclist with these concerns. With the assistance of a resourceful accident claim lawyer with our firm compensation may be available from the following sources in the order listed:

  • The insurer of the motor vehicle involved
  • The insurer of the operator of the motor vehicle involved
  • The insurer of the operator of the motorcycle involved
  • The insurer of the owner of the motorcycle involved
  • The "Assigned Claims Facility"

If the cause of the accident and injury was a defect in the design of your motorcycle or a component part, you may be due compensation from the manufacturer. Some accidents are caused by a defect in the roadway itself, either from poor design or improper repairs. Under these circumstances, the responsible government agency may be held liable for your losses. Get all of your questions answered by talking with an experienced and trusted motorcycle accident lawyer. Call Michigan Biker Law for a free consultation to find out what help is available for you and your family.

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