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In Lansing, Michigan - when you are facing the fallout from a motorcycle accident - whether the fault was with you or another person, it is advisable to obtain the most qualified, knowledgeable, and committed attorney to have on your side. A Lansing motorcycle accident lawyer from Michigan Biker Law only handles motorcycle accidents and we are all riders ourselves. Whether your case involves a sports bike accident, a drunk-driving accident, or any other injurious situation involving any type of bike, a Lansing motorcycle accident attorney is here to help.

The various types of injuries associated with motorcycle accidents, such as traumatic brain injury, spinal cord injury, road rash, fractures, broken bones, loss of limb, and paralysis, are taken very seriously at our firm. If you were injured in an accident involving a motorcycle, we have the answers you are looking for. We are well-versed in all legal issues involving riding so we can tell you about motorcycle safety as well as help you file a claim and get compensation for you injury. This unique combination of knowing the laws in Michigan, as they pertain to motorcycles and motorcycle accidents, and being actual riders ourselves helps us to have a better understanding and knowledge of the demands, challenges and pitfalls of biking first hand) could make a tremendous difference in the outcome of your case.

A Lansing motorcycle accident attorney who rides may help you look at the options of your case with a keener eye than a non-rider. There are numerous types of motorcycle accidents that require different strategies in order to lead to a successful situation. A lawyer at Michigan Biker Law also has a personal stake in your case as a fellow rider and we look at wrongful death cases because our friends and family members ride too. Since the members of your Lansing motorcycle accident legal team ride our own motorcycles, you will be able to talk to us rider to rider. We will fight for you aggressively to ensure that your future as a motorcycle rider is protected and you are given your full road rights and legal compensation. We feel that when we win your case we are winning and protecting the rights of all bikers throughout the Lansing area- including our own.

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