Road Rash Injury

Motorcycle Injuries

No matter how well protected a motorcycle driver tries to be when driving, a motorcycle accident caused by another vehicle can throw them off their bike and sliding down the roadway. Especially at higher speeds, the road surface can tear away whatever protection you may have and cause serious damage to your face, body and extremities. Proper and immediate medical care can often be successful but even a minor road rash injury, if not properly treated, can become infected and cause much more damage than anticipated. If you have suffered from road rash or other injuries caused by the reckless or negligent driving of another, you should speak to an experienced Grand Rapids motorcycle accident attorney at Michigan Biker Law immediately.

We only take motorcycle accident cases because we are motorcycle enthusiasts too. We know that motorcycle accident victims are often not treated fairly by insurance company lawyers who will try to make the rider somehow responsible for the accident that injured them. We understand the pain and upset that road rash scars can cause the victim and the agony of the lengthy surgery and grafting procedures they must often face. If your injuries were caused by the negligence of another driver you have the right to seek a just settlement to pay for your medical bills, any lost wages, repair or replacement of your motorcycle and your pain and suffering.

Speak to a Motorcycle Accident Attorney in Grand Rapids

Some accidents do not cause major damage especially if the driver is well protected. Other accidents can cause much more serious injury and disfigurement that require months of expensive medical treatment. We can help you from the moment you call our offices by helping you get the very best medical care and diagnosis available. We can also conduct our own thorough investigation into your accident and seek to make the responsible party or parties provide you with the necessary financial compensation to pay for the medical care you need. We are dedicated to giving victims of motorcycle accidents the focused and competent legal representation they need to get the results they deserve. Call our offices today to arrange a free case consultation.

Contact a Grand Rapids motorcycle accident lawyer if you have suffered from road rash injuries as a result of a motorcycle accident caused by another driver.