Flint Spinal Cord Injury Attorney

Effects of a Spinal Cord Injury

Spinal cord injuries are a tragic result of some motorcycle accidents, the rider having a lack of protection and thus being open to severe injury. Spinal cord injuries can leave victims partially or fully paralyzed, with a lack of control of certain organs, and suffering from disorientation amongst other effects. A Flint motorcycle accident lawyer should be contacted if you or a loved one has sustained such an injury in a motorcycle accident as you may be entitled to compensation.

Seeking Justice & Compensation

At Michigan Biker Law, we have been riding for decades. Our love of motorcycles and riding is such that we specialize in representing motorcycle accident victims. As we do not spread our efforts or resources over other areas, we have been able to achieve a formidable grasp of the legal nuances of motorcycle cases. Having over 30 years of experience in this field, our motorcycle and legal expertise combines to ensure we can provide you with top quality representation.

Our firm is also AV rates by Martindale-Hubbell, which means we have been independently assessed to possess the highest ethical standards and provide top quality legal expertise. We are honored to put these into effect in order to serve the riding community. In cases of spinal cord injury, this means fighting for your right to compensation for the damage to your health and life. Medical bills, the cost of ongoing care, lost income and the loss of income-earning ability all equate to tremendous financial pressure which requires compensation. Pain and suffering, disfigurement and loss of enjoyment of life may also be accounted for and damages awarded. We take care of these legal aspects of your situation so that you may concentrate on adjusting to your new life and spending time with your loved ones.

Contact a Flint spinal cord injury attorney if a motorcycle accident has caused you or a loved one to suffer a spinal cord injury.