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Named for the Ojibwa leader of the Shiawassee area, Wosso, the town holds many attractions. Owosso is the home of the Steam Railroading Institute, the Movie Museum, the Mitchell Amphitheatre and the Owasso Speedway. It can also be a popular area for motorcycle enthusiasts from around the area. Motorcycles still offer a sense of freedom that may not be found in other forms of transportation, but with that, also comes risks. If you or someone you love has been injured in a motorcycle type accident, we at Michigan Biker Law are here to help.

An Owosso motorcycle accident lawyer may be your best defense in any motorcycle accident situation. An Owosso motorcycle accident attorney from the firm is sure to be confident, knowledgeable caring and committed to fight aggressively for your rights. We are unique - in that we only take motorcycle cases. Additionally and importantly, we - the staff and the lawyers -are motorcycle riders like you. We believe that being motorcycle riders gives us a " leading edge " to more fully understand what took place at your accident or what went wrong with your bike. An Owosso motorcycle accident lawyer can assist you by knowledgeably looking at the facts and specifics of your case, evaluating its worth, working out a strategy, and working hard to achieve the decided goals of your case.

An attorney is there to be of assistance, whether your injury be from a cruiser accident, sport bike accident, drunk driving situation, or you are filing claim of a wrongful death. Michigan Biker Law has served hundreds of satisfied clients in all types of motorcycle accident cases. We are informed and up to date on the latest laws and case results. We want to defend you and your rights of the road. We believe that if you have suffered injury or a loved one's wrongful death, you need to be compensated for that injury or death. We are here to fight with and for you to, that end.

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If you or a loved one has suffered a motorcycle accident in the Owosso area contact an Owosso Motorcycle Accident Attorney today!