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Detroit has always been a pivotal place in American history, particularly since the Industrial Revolution. Time has marched forward, and the Motor City of the 19th Century became the Motown City of the 20th Century. Now, with new business and social development, it is looking to find it place in the 21st Century. Motorcycle riding has been a recreation and a sport in the Detroit area throughout these decades of change. If you or a loved one has experienced a motorcycle accident of any form; drunk driving, wrongful death, cruiser accidents, street bike accidents or sport bike accidents, contact a Detroit motorcycle accident lawyer immediately. One firm that is especially advanced and practiced in this field is the Michigan Biker Law.

Comprised exclusively of lawyers and staff who ride themselves, any motorcycle accident attorney from this firm knows and appreciates motorcycle law and motorcycle riding. Imagine the difference in speaking to an attorney about your accident or injury, who understands the art of riding, the way a motorcycle works and handles is personally dedicated to your case, rather than a legal representative who may understand the facts on paper, but from no "real life" experience. A qualified Detroit motorcycle accident attorney, who only handles motorcycle accidents and injuries, has a wide viewpoint in having handled so many motorcycle injury claims. A motorcycle accident lawyer, who also rides, may see issues in cases so subtle, that a non-rider might overlook.

Don't risk that happening in your case. A quality, knowledgeable, motorcycle injury claims attorney who rides themselves may be the best decision you will make in having your case handled in a strong , knowledgeable, and fully capable manner that can make the difference in your judgment and / or settlement. As we know, unfortunately, motorcycle accidents may often be quite debilitating - with medical bills, rehabilitation and loss of work time, damage or destroying of one's bike and such. These things impact not only the rider but their families. We want to work hard for you and your family regarding obtaining proper compensation for those losses. Let a lawyer help protect your rights and fight aggressively for every dollar you are due.

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