Michigan Motorcycle Accident Lawyer

Areas We Serve

Our law firm is dedicated exclusively to the representation of injured bikers. If you or someone you know was injured in a motorcycle accident anywhere in Michigan, we can help. An attorney at our offices can meet with you during an initial consultation to discuss what occurred, what legal rights you have and who may be held accountable for your injuries.

Areas We Serve Include, But Are Not Limited To:

You may live or work in these areas or may have been involved in an accident in one of these areas but live in another city or state. Regardless of the nature of your collision or where it occurred, you will benefit from reviewing the matter with a Michigan motorcycle accident lawyer at our firm.

Attorney for Motorcycle Accidents in Michigan

Motorcycle accidents typically leave the rider of the motorcycle with the most serious injuries. These may have a tremendous impact on you from a physical and financial standpoint, and recovering monetary compensation may be your only opportunity of rebuilding your life, your bike and your future. Because we limit our legal practice to these particular cases, we can offer you invaluable insight into what options you have at this point to recover maximum financial damages. In handling any insurance claim and communication with law enforcement or other relevant parties, we will work to protect your legal rights to the fullest extent.

Your initial consultation is free and confidential – act now and find out how we can use our more than two decades of experience on your behalf. If you were injured in a motorcycle collision anywhere in Michigan, contact a Motorcycle Accident Lawyer at our law firm today.