Sport Bike Accident Attorney in Ann Arbor

Have you sustained injury in a sport bike accident?

Sport bikes are typically faster, nimbler, and lighter than other types of motorcycles, including cruisers. While this makes them a lot of fun to ride, it also makes them more dangerous to pilot on roads and highways. With their capacity for high top speed, many accidents involving sport bikes end up occurring at a substantial rate of speed, increasing the chances that the rider will be severely injured. Additionally, their lightweight construction makes them more susceptible to damage in a collision, again increasing the likelihood of injury for the rider. A rider who is fully protected with a helmet, leathers, pads, gloves and boots when riding a sport bike is still at risk of sustaining broken bones, brain or spinal damage, or other life-threatening injuries in the event of an accident.

At Michigan Biker Law, we have represented individuals in all manner of motorcycle accident cases, including cases where the rider was on a sport bike. As riders ourselves, we have experienced the dangers of piloting a motorcycle in traffic firsthand, witnessing the distraction and inattention of other drivers that is the cause of so many accidents. It is recommended that you contact an Ann Arbor motorcycle accident attorney at our firm if you have been hurt in a collision while on your sport bike, so that we can provide you with the full support you need to have a strong chance of securing injury compensation.

Ann Arbor Sport Bike Accident Lawyer

Accidents involving sport bikes frequently result in severe injuries, and we all know that such injuries, aside from being physically and mentally devastating, can be financially devastating as well. Medical bills, hospital expenses, and payments for physical therapy can add up to a substantial sum, leaving the victim facing extreme hardship. Rather than having to shoulder this burden themselves, sport bike accident victims are best served by hiring an attorney who can fight for full injury compensation on their behalf.

In the event that you have been in a sport bike accident, it is important that you contact an Ann Arbor sport bike accident lawyer who can protect your right to seek fair compensation for your injuries.