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The firm of Michigan Biker Law is deeply passionate about motorcycles and the rights of bike riders who are injured in accidents. It is common that almost any accident involving a motorcycle and a car or other vehicle will result in serious injuries to the rider. That is why our firm specializes only in resolving motorcycle accident claims. With the experience of 30 years in personal injury law and as avid fans of motorcycle riding, we have a thorough grasp of all the legal issues and liability situations that can come up during an investigation. We love what we do, as we are protecting the rights of bike riders. When injured in a motorcycle accident, contact an Ann Arbor motorcycle accident attorney from our firm to help you.

We have seen time and time again that motorcycle claims are handled poorly by insurance companies. There is a bias in the industry against riders, assuming they were somehow liable for their accident due to speeding or carelessness. It is our goal to investigate your accident thoroughly in order to determine exactly what happened and go after those responsible for your injuries. Other vehicles in an accident with a motorcycle are often barely even damaged, while their drivers walk away without a scratch. You need someone who will fight to protect your rights and ensure you receive the medical care and compensation you may be entitled to.

Motorcycle Accident Lawyer in Ann Arbor

As motorcycles offer little protection to their riders when it comes to an accident, the types of injuries that can affect someone generally are serious to catastrophic. They can include traumatic brain injury, spinal cord injury, road rash, fractures, loss of a limb and even a wrongful death. They can be caused by any number of types of motorcycle accidents, including those while riding a sport bike or a cruiser. The most common cause of an accident is due to inattention by the other driver, who fails to see the motorcyclist. Drunk drivers and speeding also are a major factor in accidents to riders. If you are injured in an accident, consulting with our firm immediately can make the difference in how your claim is resolved and what amount of compensation you may receive. We are committed to helping our fellow riders with aggressive legal representation and in pursuing the maximum compensation possible based on the injuries and accident suffered.

Contact an Ann Arbor motorcycle accident attorney who specializes in motorcycle accident claims and knows how to vigorously protect your rights.